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Our Paralegals

The governing principle of our training as paralegals has been to create a skill set that enables us to perform tasks outside the courtroom that law school graduates hope to learn as first year associates. In the context of our apprenticeship, we have been taught and empowered to assist clients in all phases of their case.

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The work our trained paralegals perform for a client embroiled in a marital dispute begins with: 

  • Helping clients complete their intake form

  • Coordinating either a Zoom or in person consultation

  • Preparing and coordinating the execution of the Retainer Agreement and Statement of Client Rights and Responsibilities 

  • Preparing the initial draft of the Summons and Complaint in an Action for Divorce or preparing the Verified Answer of the defendant in an Action for Divorce

  • Assisting in the preparation of the client's Statement of Net Worth, which is often the most important document in a divorce action because it provides a sworn statement by the client that sets forth all of the client's monthly expenses, assets and liabilities 

  • Coordinating the production and organization of the client's financial documents and tax returns

  • Creating excel charts summarizing the parties' financial information and financial history

  • Scheduling depositions

  • Preparing subpoenas to obtain financial information not otherwise available

  • Preparing a request for a Preliminary Conference to trigger the assignment of a judge to the clients' action

  • Assisting in preparing, uploading, and submitting pretrial motions

  • Performing legal research 

  • Calculating maintenance and child support pursuant to the Statutory Maintenance Guidelines and the Child Support Standards Act

  • Scheduling Mediations, Depositions, and Conferences between the parties and counsel, and with the Court 

  • Assisting in the preparation of Statements of Proposal Disposition, which need to be submitted prior to trial and which the outcome we are seeking

  • Organizing and uploading exhibits to be introduced at trial

  • Preparing Notices of Appeals and Cross-Notices of Appeal

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