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Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Luke Galasso 

Education & Honors 

  • Attended University of Delaware 

   During his time at the University of Delaware, Luke gained valuable insights in case management strategies and business accounting, which have proven very valuable in honing his skills as a paralegal. His understanding of accounting and finance, coupled with his commitment to our clients, ensures that he can ably assist clients in establishing their Net Worth in Matrimonials and their economic loss in tort litigation. Luke is also well-versed in the use of AI applications as they apply to essential legal operations and financial intricacies critical to delivering top-notch legal services. The tools Luke has developed through his apprenticeship at Galasso & Langione include, among other skills, the ability to assist our attorneys in managing a matrimonial action and personal injury from start to finish. Luke's dedication to detail and his ability to streamline legal processes help to make him a valuable asset to any legal team.


  • 2 years ​working for Galasso & Langione

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